Penn Can Speedway brought in the new year with a 100 lap enduro race that included snow, sleet and freezing rain on January 1st. The start of the season couldn’t have gone any better. 77 cars signed in for the first annual race with over 300 spectators.

The threat of weather just increased the anticipation. The cars started at a dead stop in turn three lining up 4 abreast. Gregg Turner lead the first 15 laps before Harold Humphrey took over the lead and never looked back. It was only the second race he had entered.

The fireworks show was nothing short of spectacular thanks to Dave Askew jr. and Mike Ducey. We couldn’t do the bonfire due to the weather.

The excitement in the air couldn’t be denied. Some spent months getting the car ready while others spent the final days of 2020 in the garage. Father and son, fathers and daughters would ride together as you were allowed to have one passenger. There were some who had never raced before and looked forward to taking some laps.

Cyle Hunter of Davenport finished second and couldn’t have been happier. Armstrong Auto Repair and Wall to Wall Auto were a big help with getting the car ready.

Gregg Turner would cross the line in third. ”Man, this was a blast. I ran out of wipers with only 10 laps in so Nick took his coat off and would clean the windshield. We can’t wait till the next one.” Turner wanted to dedicate the race to his Uncle Johnny ,who was his inspiration and had just passed away. All the racers got creative when it came to cleaning the windshields. Under a red flag, a driver stood on the hood to clean the windshield only to find out it was too cold and couldn’t get it clean. Only in racing, folks!

Tony Hillard was covered in mud, but you could see the ear to ear smile. He wanted to thank Penn Can for putting on the race. “So many people needed this. We need to feel good again and this was the perfect medicine.”

Phil Levering rounded out the top five. He had lost brakes by lap #10 and used the e-brake for the rest of the race. He stated “I love endure racing. Where can you spend a little money and have a great time. It was a great day to be racing.”

Penn Can took up a collection for our pit steward Russell Mathews. He is facing an uphill battle. After his heart attack, he was diagnosed with colon cancer. He will and is fighting and we as a racing family will be there every step of the way.

We look forward to the 2021 season and will have the schedule out shortly. Keep updated with our website, and our Facebook page.

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