Riding the wave of momentum from last week’s fourth place finish, Mike Schane found his way to victory lane with his Sharkey’s Fuel M1 ride in the Insinger Performance and Stone Bros. Automotive Sportsman division. The Hamlin, PA driver is coming into the final weeks of the season, second in points just shy of Jimmy Zacharias. With all the makings of a full twelve round title bout the points battle is growing intense.

Leading the full field of 24 cars to green was the 88 of Alan Komar on the pole and to his outside was Mike Nagel Jr. in the M7 machine. Once the flag flew, Nagel Jr. took the jump over Komar and there were battles all throughout the pack. AJ Miller, AJ Konopka, and Mike Schane were battling for sixth position right off the start. While just a few positions ahead Moose Gulley and Ray Leonard were duking it out for fifth. As Miller and Konopka took sixth and seventh, Schane came under fire from Brett Tonkin, Randy Brokaw, and Devon Zona for the eighth position.

After a caution free 10 lap start, a turn one spinout brought Tonkin to the rear and Schane into the top five. Coming to the restart the front row stayed consistent with Komar and Nagel Jr. leading the charge. Behind the front row, the intensity was building as the rest of the pack was gunning for the leaders. Komar got the jump on the restart and left Nagel Jr. and Schane to fight it out for the second position. By lap 14, Schane had reeled Komar in and both were now combating for the lead. Bryan Bartos, Darell Quackenbush, and Mike Wilcha collided in turn two for the second yellow of the feature.

The restart with 16 to go saw Schane and Komar leading the assault to the finish while Nagel Jr. and Leonard fought hard for third. Out of turn three the M1 machine got the jump on Komar and took over the lead spot. Schane extended his lead and wanted to thank corner flagger Bob for keeping him updated on how big of a lead he had. With 2 laps remaining Nagel Jr slid past Komar to steal away the second-place spot. As the checkered flag waved through the air, Mike Schane made his way to victory lane. Schane pointed out, “The adrenaline was high, and I looked up at the lap counter with 9 laps remaining, realized I needed to focus with lapped traffic coming up”. With racing being a team effort, Schane wanted to thank his mom and dad, his sponsors Sleepy Hollow and Sharkey’s Fuel.

The Insinger Performance Street Stocks gave the large crowd a great race. Leading the 16-car feature to the start was Abe Ronanik on the pole with Steve Polhamus to his outside. Coming out of turn 4 on the start Ronanik got the jump on the 98P of Steve Polhamus. Behind the leader a storm was brewing with Travis Brockner, Shane Wolf Jr., and Tyler Yeagle taking it three wide battling for third. Steve Polhamus and Ronanik went toe to toe for first with the 98P taking the lead. The first caution of the event came on lap two with Eric Beach spinning and bringing the pack to a double file restart. Off turn three the 98P machine took off like a rocket over Ronanik. Meanwhile, Dusty Decker and Yeagle were trading back and forth for the third position.

The next yellow came on lap 3 with Ronanik spinning and getting himself sent to the back of the pack. Steve Polhamus once again got the jump leaving Lanson Albanese and Decker to battle for the second spot. With Decker and Brockner both spinning on lap four, it left the front row to Steve Polhamus and Lanson Albanese who trade passes. However, the 98P car got the jump on Albanese’s War Wagon, but there was a battle brewing at the back of the pack as Brockner, Ronanik, Kyle Stark and Mike Stoddard were all trying to charge to the front.

The battle for the second was getting intense between Yeagle and Albanese, but before it could go any farther a caution was drawn on lap eight for the 32 of Shawn Stalker coming to a complete stop high in turn four. That put Steve Polhamus and Yeagle on the front row of a double file restart, with Yeagle taking the lead out of turn four. The Tioga Downs sponsored 33 ride furthered his lead while running the remaining twelve laps green. With Tyler Yeagle leading the points and only two weeks remaining, his five feature wins at Penn Can this season have led to a sizeable advantage. Yeagle said, “The track was good come feature time, but in the heat, it was heavy” especially with the dip in turn one. Yeagle’s G&J Homes sponsored ride had started sixth and battled its way to the front fighting hard with Steve Polhamus, who Yeagle states he “has a friendly rivalry” with.

A stellar season continued for Tommy Groover as he picked up his 8th win of the season in the Factory Stock division. The 20-lap feature saw Alicia Towner on the pole with Nick Stark as her row one dancing partner. Towner would lead the field into turn one as Groover made quick work of his competition, moving up to second and looking to the inside of Towner before a single lap was on the board. Towner and Groover would fight it out until Matt Millard spins, slowing the field on lap three. The restart would see Groover leading the field into turn one as Towner fell in behind. Kevin McDonald would present a challenge to Towner on the ensuing lap but could not make the pass happen. Lap five would see the top five positions held by Groover, Towner, Matthews, McDonald and Stark. The running order would begin to solidify as over the next three laps Groover would pull away from the field and the 22m of Stanley Matthews would move into second. By lap 10 McDonald would pass Towner for third and Groover would check out on the field. Groover says that he is “feeling comfortable” where he is in the points and that his Jason’s welding and fabrication sponsored, Nitro chassis has a “set up that works and that nothing needed changing come feature time”. Groover would like to say thank you to his additional sponsors: Donovan Custom Homes and Buildings, Wildside Graphics, TJs Auto, and Premier Property and Landscape Management.

The 600CC Modified feature amazed with a pair of teammates both starting on the front row and finishing in spots one and two of the podium. Brett Gray and Bretton Miller charged hard out of turn four knowing point leaders Dana Davis and Jared Green would be looking to make moves. As the field navigated turn two and headed for the backstretch contact between Davis and Green would end both drivers’ nights. The restart would see Gray gain a handle on the lead as Casey Plummer set his sights on Miller for second. Miller would dismiss Plummer’s challenge and go side by side for the lead. The two drivers would wow the crowd as the running order of Gray, Miller, Plummer, Doug Lattner and TJ Smith completed lap five. Lattner would navigate his way past Plummer for third as the field stayed consistent for the final ten laps. Plummer would close on third as the laps dwindled but he ultimately ran out of time. After a Disqualification was handed down to TJ Smith the top five were Gray, Miller, Lattner, Plummer and Jeff Baldwin. An ecstatic Gray thanked his Dad Wade and Mom Terry while highlighting the clean racing and excitement of out wheeling his teammate. The moment he felt changed the balance of the race was when he held the lead after the early restart. Gray also thanked Moose Wraps, Gray Trucking, the Green family and All Things Vinyl by Alicia who helped him to the win.

The 4 Cylinder division was the final feature of the night and didn’t disappoint. With a field made up seventeen cars, Cheyenne Bump and her outside pole sitter Mike Ferris leading the bunch to the green flag. Ferris took the early lead away from Bump rather quickly with Josh Wilder passing Jeff Sterling on the inside taking him to second. Phil Clapper would roll his rc2 into the infield preventing a caution. Wilder and Sterling were battling hard for second and continuously traded for position. Behind the leaders, there was an engaging battle for fourth between the points leader Nick Kennedy and Andy Bolles. With Kennedy taking the fourth position, Phil Burns was making a charge to the front quickly passing Bolles. By lap eleven Ferris had hit lapped traffic and pointed out that he “was nervous because I knew there were faster cars behind me”. Caution at lap twelve with Bump spinning and clipping Kennedy, ending his night. Off the restart Ferris took the lead, with Sterling and Wilder still fighting for second. With Wilder closing the ranks on Ferris in the remaining laps, Ferris would maintain his first-place position. Ferris had said “This is the highlight of the year after blowing 2 motors within 2 weeks.” The 17z machine would like to thank: his dad, Mikey Nickels, Dan Nichols, Andy Bolles and Josh Wilder.

With the Juniors being a young group of racers, they certainly did put on a show. Trevor Houghton and Liam Jackson battling from the start of the eight-lap feature. Coming down to the wire, Houghton beat Jackson to the line by half a car length.

On August 28th, another action-packed tour is coming to the Penn Can Speedway! The 360 Patriot Sprints are taking to the track along with Modifieds and the regular program. However, the 602 Crate Sportsman and Street Stocks will be off. Following the exciting night of racing, The Renegade Monster Truck Tour will be roaring at the speedway on Saturday afternoon.



2)M7-Mike Nagel Jr. 3)88-Alan Komar 4)3R-Ray Leonard 5)14K-AJ Konopka 6)14AJ-AJ Miller 7)27K-Brett Tonkin 8)30+-Brandon Oleski 9)3F-Frank Payne 10)71-Jimmy Zacharias 11)99JR-Devon Zona 12)B17-Randy Brokaw 13)D1-Dave Rosa 14)57-Dusty Barton 15) 44-Jim O’Mara 16)23T-Tyler Stoddard 17)125-Ray Reynolds 18)M14-Moose Gulley 19)32-Eddy Kudrako 20)60-Bryan Bartos 21)35-Darell Quackenbush DNF 22)84-Mike Wilcha 23)88R-Ryan Zelosko 24)16-Matt Brewer DNS 1*-Gene Beadle



2)98P-Steve Polhamus 3)14-Lanson Albanese 4)kp1-Doug Polhamus 5)151-Travis Brockner 6)42-Josh Butler 7)89A-Dylan Decker 8)81-Shane Wolf Jr. 9)OJ-Oliver Gage 10)32-Mike Stoddard 11)00-Don Reeves 12)20JR-Dusty Decker 13)85-Abe Ronanik DNF 14)55S-Kyle Stark 15)32-Shawn Stalker 16)167-Eric Beach



2)22m-Stanley Matthews 3)27m-Kevin McDonald 4)9X-Alecia Towner 5)60-Nick Stark 6)93/4-Amanda Bringham 7)13mh-Matt Millard 8)3-CJ Swanson 9)78-Jerry Fasset Jr.



2)29-Bretton Miller 3)101-Doug Lattner 4)42-Casey Plummer 5)0-Jeff Baldwin 6)99A-Ayden Morgan DNF 7)99-Josh Mudge 8)4mk-Sheldon Whitman 9)138-Dana Davis 10)35-Jared Green DNS 11)911-Mike Anzelone DQ 12)134-TJ Smith



2)5-Josh Wilder 3)7-Phil Burns 4)7F-David Fox Jr. 5)61-Andy Bolles 6)17B-Cheyenne Bump 7)90C-Cassandra Woinoski 8)74C-Dave Nixon DNF 9)56-Jeff Stirling 10)X-Nick Kennedy 11)27-Bryan Batzel 12)2K-Kevin Whitman 13)16-Kenny Underwood 14)rc2-Phil Clapper 15)28-Dylan Hartman 16)77-Brian Salmini 17)8W-Rich Wagner


WINNER - Trevor Houghton

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