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June 14, 2020


On a night of remembering years past, you couldn’t help but look to the future. June 12th was the day Penn Can Speedway honored and inducted their Hall of Fame nominees. Brett Tonkin is considered a young gun in our sport but drove the #15 to victory lane like a seasoned veteran. Mike Nagel jr. had a three peat on the night his parents were inducted into the Hall of Fame. Tommy Groover, Tyler Yeagle, Dana Davis and Nick Kennedy all returned to victory lane .

Our inductees were Mike Colsten, Mike Nagel Sr., Bob Gentile, Grant Buck, Brian Weaver, Danny Stone, Mark Terry and Butch Tittle. Employee Inductee was scorer Casey Oltz, who has missed 1 day in 25 years of service. Ken Post Memorial Fan Award went to Sherry Nagel and Craig Hall. Two surprises of the night were the induction of Gary Folk sr. and Gary Folk jr. by the Penn Can staff. Our beautiful plaques were provided by Haneyco Graphix owned by Brucie Evans.

Brett Tonkin started  on the outside pole with Paul Rooney inside, On the start Tonkin found himself in the clean air. Only 7 laps in saw the polesitter taken off the track along with 4 cars. 9th place starter Brian Malcolm and 11th place starter Richard Smith worked their way to 3rd and second. After the “Z” tribute car of Danny Creedan pulled a caution on lap 28, it would set up a 2 lap shootout for the top three. Tonkin held the top spot for all of the race and was not ready to lose it. The potent 16R of Richard Smith was looking for the opening he needed and the 2019 champion Brian Malcolm sat patiently waiting to ponce. Lap 30 would not disappoint. Coming out of two had Tonkin and Smith door to door with Malcolm on the rear bumpers. Going into three had the leaders going up high with Tonkin on the inside. Malcolm would follow Tonkin coming out of four just inching Smith to the checkers. Brett Tonkin led each lap to take the 1st points race of the season.

Mike Nagel jr. is no stranger to victory lane. To be in victory lane on the night his parents were inducted into the Hall of Fame is a story of determination. Young Nagel is making a name for himself with a three peat performance for the 2020 season. Sometimes it can be distracting carrying a racing legacy name but Mike carries it with pride. Before you know it, Bryson will be where his dad was on Friday. Victory Lane.

Tommy Groover returned to victory lane followed by Travis Brockner and Alecia Towner. Tyler Yeagle has found his line around the track bringing in his #33 to victory lane again. Dana Davis in the potent #138 held of a hard charging Jared Green and Jacob Waibel for the win. Nick Kennedy would be the victor in  the 4 cylinder division.

Next week on June 19th Penn Can salutes Small business and communities in the surrounding areas. Any vendor is welcome. We ask for a basket instead of a fee from vendors  to be raffled off and all money collected will be donated back to the Spaulding Foundation for Injured drivers. You may contact Fran Durso by Facebook messenger (Coach Fran).

Words cannot describe how grateful the Folk family is for the support and encouragement they have received during these turbulent times.  Gary and Eileen know they can’t thank everyone personally, so they wish to thank each and every one publicly. Please check our Facebook page for updates during the week. Penn Can Speedway races every Friday night.













                WINNER #15-BRETT TONKIN

2)119-Brian Malcolm 3)16R-Richard Smith 4)145-Alan Rudalavage

5)63-Bryon Worthing 6)72-Nick Petrilak 7)44-Aleia Geisler 8)29-Leo McGurrin 9)15-Butch Getz

10)37-Alex Tonkin 11)111j- Jamie Bedford 12)58m-Marshall Hurd 13)5j-Joey Grammes 14)42-Nick Pecko

15)57-Dan Burman  DNF 16)Z-Dan Creedan 17)28-Mike Trautschold 18)138-Sean Beardsley

19)713-Mike Wash 20)M20-Brian Mady 21)54-Paul Rooney 22)9-Ken Titus 23)71-Jimmy Zacharias

24)17d-Mike Loney DNS 25)71X-Adam Haddow



                WINNER #M7 – MIKE NAGEL JR

2)14k-AJ Konopka 3)138-Sean Beardsley 4)3R-Ray Leonard

5)B17-Randy Brokaw 6)71-Jimmy Zachaias 7)30+-Brandon Oleski 8)7R-Tommy Groover

 9)56k=Kamdin Maby 10)00-Randy Gates 11)84-Mike Wilcha 12)3f-Frank Payne 13)M14-Moose Gulley

14)88-Alan Komar 15)22x- Tommy Oleski 16)16-Ned Fitch DNF 17)23-Tyler Stoddard 18)M16-Mike Schane 19)1x-Mike Murphy 20)8-Tom Rudalavage DNS 21)125-Ray Reynolds



                WINNER #33-TYLER YEAGLE

2)151-Travis Brockner 3)KP1-Doug Polhamus 4)81-Shane Wolf 5)98P-Steve Polhamus

  DNF 6)8W-Richaed Wagner 7)U2-Gary Roberts 8)77-George Miller 9)20JR-Dusty Decker

10)six-Jimmy Sykes



                WINNER #27M-TOMMY GROOVER

2)89-Ryan Brockner 3)9X-Alecia Towner 4)11-Nate Hill 5)98-Lynn Highhouse III 6)3-CJ Swanson

7)93/4-Amanda Brigham 8)77-Jason Thomas 9)11Z-Jeremy Warren 10)12-Randy Miller

11)18-Buck Mills Sr.




                WINNER #138- DANA DAVIS

2)35-Jared Green 3)99-Jacob Waibel 4)133-Adam Mudge 5)1-Josh Mudge 6)101-Doug Lattner

7)0-Tim Frantz 8)5am-Bailey Boyd 9)28-Brett Gray 10)15-Samantha Mills 11)77z-Nolan Smith

12)4MK-Sheldon Whitman 13)54T- Travis Rooney  DNS 14)343-Mike Frye

15)80-Tyler Smith 16)56-Devon Green  DNF 17)29)Zack Mills




                WINNER #N2-NICK KENNEDY

2)2-Scott Miller 3)5-Josh Wilder 4)77-Brian Salmini 5)311-Jason Colwell 6)42-Kevin Whitman

7)17B-Cheyenne Bump DNF 8)354-Andy Bolles 9)7f-David Fox jr. 10)17Z-Mike Farris 11)61-Dan Doxter

12)72-James Havens 13)301-Jason Colwell sr.  DNS 14)8-Richard Wagner

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