An emotional night led into an emotional victory. Penn Can Speedway honored a true Southern Tier legend on June 5th. The Mike Colsten Memorial 51 was attended by over 1000 fans with his family in attendance. Joey Colsten brought the iconic #51 along with the 151 of Bailey Boyd to victory lane for opening ceremonies.

Joey Grammes just missed victory lane in the last two races of the season. To say he was a man on a mission is an understatement. 31 other modifieds had the same target as Grammes but in the end, Grammes was the man of the hour. Mike Colsten’s legacy was the meaning of the night. In victory lane, Joey talked of his friendship with Mike and the lessons he learned. In victory lane, Grammes first words were “I don’t give a – about the win, I don’t give a – about the money.” As he looked up and saw Mike Colsten’s wife, Lea, standing in victory lane it became personal. He told her “How much Mike meant to him and the racing world. Mike was a man of honor; he would put his arms around anyone. He meant so much to so many people. This trophy means more to me than any trophy or check will ever mean.”

Opening ceremonies had Father Werner give the blessing and Keith Gearhart singing Amazing Grace along with the National and Canadian Anthems.

Nick Rochinski, Jeff Strunk, Michael Trautschold and Joey Grammes started the night as heat race winners and would head to the flaggers stand for the modified redraw/frisbee toss. One lucky fan would get the frisbee with the money sign and win $40 from promoter Gary Folk Sr. Oh by the way, that was the frisbee Joey Grammes picked.

It was then decided by management to start all 31 modifieds for a 51 lap feature event. Action was in full force with battle throughout the field. Grammes found clean air early in the feature and never looked back. Jeff Strunk, piloting the potent #15 for Butch Getz, kept within striking distance of Grammes. Lap traffic was a friend to Grammes and an obstacle for Strunk.

Butch Getz had a night that any car owner can dream of. He contacted Jeff Strunk and worked a deal for him to run the potent #15. Butch’s goal to bring home a one two finish with Grammes and Strunk could not have gone any better than it did.

After the race, Grammes was given the checkered flag to do a victory lap and after the celebration was over, Joey Colsten ended the race with a lap to honor his friend, mentor and most important his father.

They say the number 13 is unlucky but for Tom Rudalavage, it meant a long road to victory lane. The only thing Tom broke tonight was the 13 year hiatus to victory lane. Rudalavage, Jimmy Zacharias, Grant Hilfiger and Tommy Groover would set the stage with their heat race wins.

Tyler Yeagle dominated the street stock feature to bring the #33 to victory lane. Kevin McDonald would bring home his second victory of the year holding Nate Hill to a second place finish.

Street stock

1) TYLER YEAGLE #33 2) Shane Wolfe #81 3) Travis Brockner # 151 4) Steve Polhamus #98 P 5) Lanson Albanse #14a 6) Buck Mills #7v 7) Gary Roberts #42 8) Doug Palhamus #KP1 9)Eric Bonham #84 10) Rich wagner #8w 11) George Miller #77 12) Lenny Miller #x 13) Mike Stoddard #23 14) Shawn Stalker #32 15) Jerry Lobdell # 20JR


1) TOM RUDALAVAGE #8 2) Grant Hilfiger #78 3) Todd Titus #9 4)AJ Konopka #14k 5) Jimmy Zacharias #71 6)Mike Schane #m16 7) Ryan Stone #67r 8) Ray Leonard #3r 9) Tommy Groover #7r 10) Mike Nagel #544j 11) Moose Gulley # m14 12) Tyler Stoddard # 23 13) Matt Brewer# 38B 14) Ned Fitch #16 15) Mike Welch #84 16) Alan Komar #88 17) Michael Murphy #1x 18) Bill Leonard #11x


1) JOEY GRAMMES #5j 2) Jeff Struck #15s 3) Brett Tonkin #15t 4)Davud Schilling #20s 5) Alex Tonkin #37 6) Alan Rudalavage #145 7)Jimmy Zacharias #71 8) Brian Malcolm #119 9) Frank Cozze # 401 10) Mike Traitschold #28 11) Bryan Worthing # 63 12)Ryan Darcy #21 13) Ken Titus #9 14) Marshall Hurd # 58m 15) Ken Sparks # 49 16) Bailey Boyd # 151 17) Nick Pecko #42 18) Joey Colsten #51 19) Mike Loney #17d 20) Darwin Green #1g 21) Paul Rooney #54 22) Duane Haward #357 23) Randall Paxton #22r 24) Nick Petrilak #72 25) Brian Mady #m20 26) Danny Creeden #16x 27) Nick Rochiniski # 20r 28) Doug Snyder #69s 29) Brad Knapp# 26BK 30) Ray Reynolds # 125 31) Alecia Geisler #44

Factory Stock

1) KEVIN MCDONALD #27m 2) Nate Hill #11 3) Codi Clark # 3c 4) Alecia Towner # 9x 5) Amanda Brigham # 9 3/4 6) CJ Swanson #3

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