New Penn Can Speedway track promoter, Chad Towner, has decided to pull the plug on the 600 Modified sanction that funneled through Xcel Chassis. Towner stated “Penn Can Speedway is an American Racer track. If you're going to race at Penn Can, you're going to need to do it on American Racers. That's our tire. I know those 600 mod teams that supported the track last year, or any other track in the southern tier, still have a bunch of them left. You won't need to go buy something else to race here. Whatever Xcel is doing or plan on doing for the future of their tour, good luck to them.” Additionally, American Racer tires will be sold weekly at the track in 2018.

This move may sound familiar as another area track recently decided they would no longer entertain the Xcel sanction on the division, but rather independently support the 600 Modified teams without any third party interference.

The division will simply be called 600 Modifieds going forward, dropping the Xcel moniker to end the affiliation. This move gives the unsanctioned 600 Modified teams a Friday and Saturday night home should anyone want to pull double duty on the weekend. The website and rules will be updated with this change shortly.

The revised schedule will be coming out in the next few days. It is 99% completed and only waiting on confirmation for a few other surprises.

Any and all questions should be directed to speedway management.

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